How To Get Yourself A Successful Frame Of Mind

Before we go into what it takes to get a successful frame of mind, what is a frame of mind? The definition of it is:

‘A particular mood that influences one’s attitude or behavior.’’

Considering this definition, owning a ‘successful’ frame of mind would be one that alters your mood, attitude or behavior towards attaining success, or maintaining it.

For you to either maintain or attain success in any shape or form, it’s not enough to just keep saying to yourself that ‘you want success’ or to keep thinking about it and just hoping it will happen. Like most things in this world, nothing can just happen… it takes several things for something to become a reality.

To own a ‘success’ frame of mind, you will need a couple of things. They will not only bring you a successful frame of mind, they will bring you success itself.

I’ve put together a list of a few simple yet concise guidelines to help you attain a successful frame of mind and to help you get to the success you need and deserve!


The dreams we have are of high importance. They are the things that keep us going. Success is achieving our dreams and living them out in reality. For a ‘success’ frame of mind they are very important, they are the foundation of success.

Envision your dreams, think about them, focus on them and think about how your life would be if they were to become a reality. It will make the process of getting towards them easier, because you’ll already have ‘lived them out’ in your mind and want them even more.

When you focus and envision your dreams you connect your present with your future.

Making that connection is showing yourself that if you can think it, you can do it.


Achieving dreams and goals can be a long and exhausting process sometimes, not all things happen in a couple of days. Some dreams require months, or even years to attain. You may start off being highly motivated, but like anyone, the more time it takes, the greater the chance you will lose that motivation.

That’s where passion kicks in! You need a good reason behind what you are doing. Whatever it is, constantly remind yourself of that reason, or the reasons behind your actions towards a dream or goal.

Passion is your drive, even when motivation starts sizzling out of the picture, if you manage to maintain the right amount of passion – that’s all you’ll need!


Successful people all have one thing in common, their knowledge or desire to attain more knowledge. You need to have the right knowledge about your goals and dreams in order to achieve them.

You know how they say that knowledge opens all doors? Well it’s true, because knowledge can and will open all the doors that are between you and your dreams.

Knowledge is like a parachute. If you don’t have one when you jump out of a plane, you will fall and hit the ground, while if you do have one you may still fall and hit the ground. Knowledge is like having two parachutes. You can never hit the ground when you have enough knowledge.


Willpower is the ability to break free from all influence and take full control and responsibility for your life. This is one of the most important factors when it comes to succeeding.

With the right amount of willpower, a person can achieve great things. It’s willpower that gives you that ‘needed push’ even when you can’t see the results or rewards straight away.

Having willpower is basically just believing that what you are doing will get you what you want, although you don’t for sure know what the outcome will be, you still pursue and push forward towards it.

These 4 guidelines are the foundation for any dream or goal you may have or are still to create. Dreams need passion, knowledge and the right amount of willpower to fuel them.

That is the ‘recipe’ for achieving your dreams, for achieving a successful frame of mind!

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