The Immeasurable Power Of Positive Thinking

90% of the people that share this planet with you have a negative mindset. They are the ones that constantly choose to see the bad in life’s situations, they are the ones that believe the glass is always half empty. When they get bills, they feel bad about them. They don’t really enjoy their jobs and are constantly wondering why their life is they way it is.

Are you part of that 90% of people? Yes?

Imagine if I told you that all it would take for you to become part of the 10% on the other side was around a minute?

Am I crazy? No, just realistic, which is basically the same thing.

In theory it would only take around a minute for you to switch from a negative mindset to a positive one.

But it doesn’t because you don’t believe in that. Yet, you believe that you have a bad job, a bad financial situation or whatever else you are not happy with because well… they just happened?

Everything that is current in your life is mostly because you have made sure it is. Whether you want to believe in that or not, it’s true. Our minds are a powerful tool, sometimes we use them wrongly and end up with things we don’t want.

This has everything to do with our outlook on life. The subconscious mind works in ways we still don’t fully understand. Our thoughts have energy. Now if you don’t believe in that, let me ask you a question… Have you ever thought about something that truly worries you? It feels like you are almost trapped inside your own mind and can’t get out. You become anxious about that thought and start feeling bad. That thought has made you feel bad.

Ever thought about something amazing that has happened, an event that you were supposed to attend, or a special person you haven’t seen in years and are about to go and meet up? That excitement and happiness you feel are all good feelings, making you feel happy, exited and generally good? Those thoughts have made you feel good.

Are you really sure that your thoughts don’t carry energy? Every single thought either good or bad carries energy, if you focus your time and energy on those thoughts they gain even more energy – enough to dictate what will or will not happen.

When you focus on one thing you are constantly investing your thoughts, energy, time and effort on it. The subconscious mind is a great listener, it will listen to your thoughts and subconsciously you will start taking action based upon your very own thoughts.

So if you believe you can’t do something, you and your subconscious mind will work on exactly that – making sure you really can’t do something. However, if you truly believe that you can do something, however impossible it may seem, you will do it.

It’s all about what you chose to believe in. Whether you think you can or you think you can’t do it, both statements and assumptions are true, because it’s you who decides what your ‘truth’ will be.

The power of positive thinking is there, it’s your choice whether you use it or not!

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