What Comes After Success?

We chase success half our lives, working hard towards it and building our dreams around the attainment of success. We get so involved in working towards success, that once we do finally achieve it we have literally no idea what’s supposed to come next.

What comes after success almost doesn’t even exist because we rarely really think about it until it happens. The thought ‘what’s first?’ is so much easier than the ‘what’s next?’ type of thought.

So you have achieved a ‘life-changing’ amount of success or are yet to, so what does come next? Accomplishment is sometimes hard to grasp; we simply don’t know what to do with it at times.

The ‘what’s next moment’ should always be there, even when you are on the way to success, it’s a question that should always be present. It’s like an ‘anchor’ to reality. It keeps you close to your goal, and keeps your right on track.

Once you do succeed, enjoy it! You’ve probably been working very hard for an amount of time to get to where you are now, so reward yourself with the luxury of enjoying the ‘here and now’.

Once you are done with that, come up with new dreams. The reason why we don’t know what to do next after a big success, is because the process towards it is actually the most rewarding. Each time we get a little closer to the finish line, we experience that amazing feeling of getting closer to our dreams.

It’s that feeling that pushes us onto the next step, then the next step and once we get to the final step, we want more of that amazing feeling, so we think again about what the next step is.

The thing is, with each success you manage to attain and achieve, the next success will be even easier.

Each success an individual achieves is a stepping stone to future successes, making them more and more attainable each time.

That is why the super successful have multiple success stories behind them, and have achieved more than most will in a lifetime.

What comes after success, is giving yourself a well earned pat on the back. Enjoy the ‘here and now’ moment of attaining your success and then come up with new dreams, bigger and better ones.

Hey, if you did it once – you can do it again, right?

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